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All low voltage motor models are equipped with a manual that each owner should read carefully before commissioning. In practice, this manual will be postponed somewhere after the low voltage motors have been connected and started, but it is often a problem to find it again. Be careful here and make sure it is the same model when looking for it from freely available sources. This will prevent potential complications and if you have trouble finding it, it will definitely contact the seller or directly the manufacturer. It is also a matter of course that low voltage motors are operated by trained personnel only and meet all necessary qualifications. These persons are then expected to fully follow the instructions in the manual when operating the engines. 

Low voltage motors and what to take into account 

Equipment for low voltage motors

Prices of low voltage motors

Caution is never enough, and this is also true for low-voltage motors. This applies twice during transport and it is necessary to create conditions for people transporting them in such a way that they are not put at risk of work injury. If the low voltage motors are unloaded or brought to your desired location, it is necessary to check their external condition and check them for signs of external damage. As soon as you discover such damage, it is necessary to contact the carrier without undue delay. Otherwise, you may not be able to recognize such a claim. If everything is OK in this respect, you should check the match between the order and the engine type delivered. Compare the label of the motor on the label with what is on the invoice and what you ordered. Low voltage motors also require adequate storage and such space must be clean and dry. Further demands are placed on temperature and should be between -20 ° C and + 40 ° C. If the engine is stored unattended for an extended period of time, then you should rotate the engine shaft at least once a month to lubricate the bearings. More information about low voltage motors can be found on the website https://vyboelectric.com/.